Arlozorov Dafna


In Progress


Tel Aviv Municipality


220,000 sqm (above ground)


Urban Planning

This masterplan to revitalize a large city block located at the intersection of Arlozorov and Derech Namir has become a benchmark for urban renewal plans in Tel Aviv. By addressing and balancing a range of issues from the design of public space, natural light and shade, the generation of new green spaces, and affordable housing, this plan demonstrates the possibilities for successful urban revitalization in the city. The scheme introduces a flexible phasing plan which transforms a block of 1950's era buildings into a thriving neighborhood of 1,500 apartments combined with new retail at the street level. By activating the street level, the plan re-imagines Derech Namir as a vibrant public boulevard filled with shops and green spaces, which blend in with the new residential neighborhood.

ארלוזורוב_מבט מרחוב דפנה2_ספטמבר 2017
ארלוזורוב_מבט מדרך נמיר2_ספטמבר 2017
ארלוזורוב_מבט מדרך נמיר_ספטמבר 2017

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