Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a center of incredible energy, with a unique urban essence thatdifferentiates it from other cities in Israel and abroad. In a country rich with ancient landmarks and religious history, Tel Aviv stands out as a vibrant, youthful, liberal, creative, bustling urban center with a young civic history. Its historic center, the UNESCO World Heritage Site called the White City, attracts architects and tourists from around the world, who travel to see to see the concentration of more than 4,000 International Style structures that were built in the mid 20 th century.

Tel Aviv has experienced a renaissance in the last 20-30 years, reviving older buildings and opening up to new development. Yashar Architects has played a significant role in the city's rejuvenation, mindful of preserving its young history while it develops into the future. The office is deeply rooted in Tel Aviv. Its founder Itzhak Yashar designed some of the city's landmarks like Dizengoff Center and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and its second generation continues to redefine the cityscape with projects that respect the past while building for the future. In collaboration with the municipality of Tel Aviv and many other partners, the firm is involved in some of the most significant and largest projects in the city. At Yashar Architects, we recognize this unique chance to have a memorable impact in the creation of the future of Tel Aviv, and we seize this opportunity with appreciation and responsibility.

Zone17 SEP
Zone17 SEP
Zone17 SEP

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