Rothschild 17




Acro Real Estate & Canada-Israel


21,000 sqm (above ground)


Mixed Use: Residential, Offices, Commercial

This project is located in the historic heart of Tel Aviv on Rothschild Boulevard, designated as a UNESCO world heritage site nicknamed the "White City," famous for its high concentration of white painted Bauhaus style buildings. Recent changes in city zoning called for an increase in high density mixed-use developments along the Boulevard, including a tower on the site that included two heritage buildings, the Litwinsky House and Adler House.

In order to preserve the history of the buildings while still allowing for the new development, the new tower floats above a 17 meter tall lobby, supported by six columns and cantilevering above the historical buildings. These contain shops and restaurants, while a new six story "Bauhaus style" structure contains offices, and the new cantilevered superstructure above houses the apartments These are expressed on the façade within a series of white-framed boxes that appear to hang from the core, gently articulating the structure and recalling the "White City" context.

The tower's glazed envelope was designed as a double-skinned façade with inner full height glass which is protected by a secondary structure of louvers. The louvers can be rotated or fully retracted either manually or automatically in response to the sun's movement.

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