(1 Ramat Aviv Tower (Ahimeir


In Progress


Aviv Group


14,600 sqm (above ground)



The Ahimeir 1 Tower is a boutique residential and commercial project located in Ramat Aviv Gimmel at the corner of Ahimeir and Ben Yosef St. The location of the building is at the western end of the neighborhood's main commercial street that includes two large shopping centers.

The tower is comprised of 17 residential levels above two commercial floors, with five underground parking levels that serve the public and local residents. Amenities for the residents such as a semi-Olympic sized pool, gym, and clubhouse are available on the first level above the shops.

The building houses 66 apartments, which are arranged in a series of three story tall stacked boxes clad in white HPL panels. As they rise, every other box revolves 15 degrees around the plan's center point, resulting in a geometrically complex and spatially varied composition. This dynamic arrangement allows for a large variety of apartments with large roof terraces and unique layouts.

Ramat Aviv Tower C-8
Ramat Aviv Tower C-7
שקופית 1

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