Lieber Tower




Aviv Group


19,000 sqm (above ground)

12,000 sqm (underground)



The Lieber Tower, located in the southern part of the historic Neve Tzedek neighborhood, is part of a plan to develop an axis of towers along Eilat St. The project is located at the site of the Lieber compound, the first chocolate factory in Israel, and is integrated into a sensitive urban fabric between the route of the old railway line, the axis to Jaffa, Neve Tzedek, the future railway promenade. It is within walking distance of cultural, tourist and entertainment destinations such as the Old Railway Station compound, Rothschild Boulevard, the beach, and the Noga complex in Jaffa.

A residential tower at a height of 100 m, the 30 story project has underground parking levels, with the upper basement serving as a public parking lot. The ground floor provides a spa, gym and open swimming pool for the residents, while in the eastern part of the site a new municipal building houses kindergartens for the neighborhood. The tower has 105 apartments of varying sizes, including a rooftop apartment, duplexes and penthouses.

The apartments' floor to ceiling glazing and balconies overlook the Tel Aviv seashore, the tiled roofs of the Neve Tzedek neighborhood, and the historic city of Jaffa. These facades are articulated by vertical walls clad in white stone on both sides of the tower, which wrap around to reveal the transparent glass curtain walls on the western elevation. The white stone walls recall Tel Aviv as the "white city," while the western facing glass facade opens the building towards the urban landscape and the sea.

ליבר - תמונות עמית גירון - יולי 2017 17
ליבר - תמונות עמית גירון - יולי 2017 45

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