Under Construction


Acro Real Estate


 15,500 sqm (above ground)
7,000 sqm (underground)


Residential & Public

This unique residential project lies on the seam between Tel Aviv and Jaffa, in an area previously defined by small industry, garages and traditional workshops but now undergoing an urban renewal of new residential developments combined with street level commercial space.

The scheme introduces a new urban public space around the preservation of historical agricultural buildings in conjunction with the addition of a six story residential building. This apartment complex is comprised of two wings that contain 131 apartments and define a piazza for the residents that becomes part of a new urban square, which itself is connected to the street.

The project is singular for allocating a significant public area along with the new residences. By interweaving the new and existing buildings with public spaces, which can be accessed by various passages and directions, the project invites activity and interaction to fill in the missing urban fabric of the area. (2) (1)
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7 (19)

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