Avner Yashar

Avner studied architecture at Bezalel and the Technion, following which he joined
the firm that was founded by his father, Itzhak Yashar. Following in this legacy,
Avner became the leader of the firm in the 1990s during a period of transformation
in the economy and the real estate sector, directing its growth into its current
prominence. He believes that architecture is a creative and forward-thinking
profession, which requires building designs to be adaptable to accommodate
unforeseen changes in the future. Under Avner, the firm emphasizes good design as
well as the practical capabilities to execute quality projects including organization
and management skills to uphold schedules, budgets and quality. As part of this
vision, the firm considers both the requirements of the client as well as the needs of
society at large, as it plans and builds projects that will be featured in the public
space for decades to come.

Email: Avner@yashararch.com Phone: 972-3-6203220

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