Kragujevac Shopping Mall




 Plaza Center


30,000 sqm (above ground)

20,000 sqm (underground)



The Plaza Center is located on the main road which connects to Belgrade just above Kragujevac, the fourth largest city in Serbia. The landmark shopping center, with its dramatic views towards the historical city center, introduces a modern standard of shopping to the area.

The design of the building's different facades was inspired by the local context. On one side of the mall, the facade echoes the flickering reflections of light from the city's famous rivers with a texture of aluminum scales which catch and reflect sunlight as it changes throughout the day. The facades which face the hills reveal a pattern of abstracted woodlands over the rolling hills. For signage, four light boxes project out to display advertising and imagery.

The center consists of two shopping levels above an underground parking level. 24 meter high glass towers demarcate the entrances to the mall, allowing access to the shops as well as the underground parking. The interior design is inspired by the fields and flowers of the mall's surroundings, highlighted by the food court balcony with its spectacular view of the city below. At the center is an impressive elliptical open space with a curved roof hanging above. This area serves as an events space, and it visually connects the different levels, enhancing the experience for the customers as they explore the mall. (3)
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