Semel TLV


In Progress




106,000 sqm (above ground)

47,000 sqm (underground)


 Mixed Use: Residential & Commercial

The Semel complex is located in the heart of Tel Aviv at the intersection of Ibn Gvirol Street and Arlozorov Street, the site of a future train station. The project connects multiple levels that include public transport, park, commercial, and retail space, along with two residential towers.

The future subterranean train station connects to a sunken public courtyard aligned with retail and commercial space, which in turn is connected to the street level above. Here, the buildings are set back for a large public plaza that leads into a dynamic multi-level commercial complex. These structures are arranged in a composition of various sizes, each with a unique treatment of its building envelope. Above the entire commercial area, a light pergola provides shade and unifies the space, while also creating a visual and acoustic separation from the residential towers above. The towers' main entrance is accessed from the other side, creating a healthy separation from the residential towers, which are each 50 stories tall and house 668 residential units of varying types. Below ground, multiple levels of parking service the entire complex.

The complex is designed to be integrated with the planned future development to the north of the site, which includes a municipal office tower and the Sumail North complex. In the northeastern corner of the project are 1000 square meters of civic space with an independent entrance. Adjacent to the municipal building, these spaces are versatile and suitable for one or more tenants.

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