About Us

Yashar Architects, one of Israel's leading architectural firms, has embodied the country's culture of innovation and creativity in building for over 65 years. The office was founded by Itzhak Yashar, who designed some of the most cherished cultural and public buildings in Tel Aviv such as the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Faculty of Arts building in Tel Aviv University, and the Dizengoff Center.

Avner Yashar has continued building on this foundation of design excellence, transforming the company's vision to adapt to the 21st century. By emphasizing solutions for high density work and living, Yashar Architects has become a leader in designing high rise, mixed use buildings and urban design. The firm's expertise has been successfully adapted locally and internationally, with projects located throughout Israel and abroad.

We believe that the buildings we create are not only functional, but places for people to experience. Therefore we adapt each project to its specific location, climate, topography, sunlight, and character. By learning from the previous generation's perservance and creativity while adapting to current trends with innovation and technology, we strive to create timeless architecture.

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