Yoav Michael

Yoav received a Master's degree from the Politecnico di Milano in Italy, returning to Israel in 1997 to work at Yashar Architects. He has been a partner at the firm since 2008.

Yoav works on a variety of project types, including residential projects, offices and commercial projects. The projects range in scale from low rise residences to mixed use high rise complexes. In every project, Yoav seeks a consistency in methodology in exploring creative concepts and solutions. He believes that every project is an opportunity to learn and adapt to changing conditions, and that innovation and functionality are both equally important. He sees quality design as a matrix with many variables whose work comprises creativity, responsibility, and overcoming challenges to arrive at the best possible solutions.

For Yoav, every project should balance the needs of the client with its physical, environmental, and social context.  He carefully considers the local neighbors, vegetation, and colors when exploring the possibilities of each project, while also looking to find innovative solutions that are expressed within the functionality of the design.

Email: yoav@yashararch.com Phone: 972-3-6203220

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